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PodCamp #12
February 29th, 2020 (9-4 PM)

Less than 20 Tickets Left! ($59 all-inclusive)

What is Podcamp?

PodCamp is an un-conference about social media and online marketing, where we can all share and learn in an open environment.  Anyone with something to contribute and a desire to learn is welcome to join.

PodCamp isn’t just about podcasting! If you’re interested in blogging, social media, social networking, podcasting, video on the net or just someone curious about new media, then please join us.

What makes it an "Unconference"?

You do! All presentations are scheduled right at PodCamp. Many sessions are open discussions, with sharing of ideas and trends on social media topics.

When you arrive, you’ll see our empty scheduling wall, with Post-Its making up a grid of times and available spaces. If you want to present, you can prepare in advance, and post your idea in a slot on the wall. PodCamp attendees will select the presentations they want to see.

We run by the “Law of Two Feet” meaning if you decide the session isn’t for you, you can use your two feet and try a different session, with no hard feelings.


Happy Camper Sponsors

Get Involved

PodCamp is run by an all-volunter team of “helpers” who take on a variety of tasks, from sending out email blasts, to securing sponsors, to setting up and breaking down the event. PodCamp is a special place, and it’s all because of our great team of helpers. We’d love to have you join us!