We are so excited for year 12!

Jamie Cocco

Jamie is the owner of Empowered Social Media, a social media, digital media, video, website and customer relationship management holistic marketing company in Western Mass. He believes in community, giving back, and being sustainable. Empowered Social Media was founded directly because of PodCamp 2018.

As Jamie was building up his experience in the fitness, wellness, and event marketing industries, he came to PodCamp 2018, so he could learn from others in the area. When nobody had signed up to present on social media, and through heavy encouragement from a friend, he presented two sessions on social media at his first PodCamp in 2018. After each session he was asked for his business card, but didn’t have one, because he hadn’t launched his business yet. Jamie looks forward to working with an amazing cast of characters helping make PodCamp a leading social media, podcasting, and digital media experience in the area for years to come.

Jamie is in charge of our email marketing, website, key player in social media, and is a lead on the strategy team.

Aimée Boettcher

Aimée, the owner of Two Moons Creative, a CT-based graphic design & social media marketing company. Getting lost in metrics and data reports is her idea of a fun day and what inspired her to work in small business marketing. Her passion is to help business owners understand and utilize authenticity and connection in their marketing. Aimée specializes in working with holistic businesses because she truly connects with this market.Her goal is to take the technicality out of marketing and branding so you can focus on the heart of your business and do what you truly love! This will be Aimée’s first year helping with PodCamp, and hopes to make it an amazing experience for us all!

Aimée redesigned our PodCamp 2020 Logo, is on the strategy team, and helps with social media.

Robyn Lee Miller!

Robyn Lee Miller is proud to be the owner and operator of MorningBird Media, a social media management company that helps businesses tell their stories online in relatable and creative ways. With clients from non profits to grocery markets, MorningBird helps these companies take flight in an everchanging landscape by curating, implementing and monitoring a successful social media strategy! She is excited to join the PodCamp Team and help make this event the best social and digital media conference in Western Mass!

Robyn is in charge of our digital media design, is a key player in our social media strategy, redesigned our new sponsorship packages, is our venue coordinator, and is on our strategy team.

Stephen Sherlock

One of the originals, Stephen, has done all the ticketing over the years and attended all but one PodCamp wearing his trademark hat!! He’s back for his 12th year putting together and updating our Eventbrite Ticketing page and with a warm welcome at our registration table.

Thank you for your support and incredible advice, Stephen!

Amy Woolf

Amy Woolf has been the lead organizer of PodCamp most recently and after years of saying she was going to retire from it, the new team convinced her to stay on and consult them. Amy owns a local business called Amy Woolf Color Consulting.

“In 2005, driven by the renovation of my family’s home and my own struggle with paint, I traveled to San Diego for the first time to begin my study of the art and science of color with the International Association of Color Consultants.

Since then, I have travelled to Paris and Rome to research color trends for the Color Marketing Group International Summit. I’ve attended numerous design and color conferences, helped organize the Munsell 2018 Centennial Color Conference, and most recently attended High Point Market, the world’s largest trade show for Interior Designers, spanning 13 million square feet of exhibit space. I am a sponge, always looking to see more, learn more and bring more to my practice through travel, education and networking with my design peers..” – Amy Woolf Color Consulting Website

Thank you for your incredible support and advice, Amy!!

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